1950's Teenagers

  • The main fashion for teens was preppies and greasers. Greasers followed the standard look; black leather jacket. white shirt and black denim jeans was a symbol of rebellion. The greaser look was set by Marlon Brando and James Dean. The qualities in order to be a preppie was neatness, tidiness, and grooming. The girls wore neat pleated skirts with scoop neck blouses, cardigans, tight polo necks. The way of dress was influenced by rock'roll.

  • The favorite music of the time was Elvis Presley who preformed Rock ' Roll and . The parents highly disapproved of him and thought that it was bad, unhealthy and basically not right and didn't want their kids listening to him, so they closed dances and conserts. The kids didn;t listen and snuck out to hear him. Boyfriends threated to break up with their girlfriends if she went to go see him. They spent their allowance to buy records of Rock ' Roll.
  • The technologies improved in the 50's. The first copy machine was made in the 1950's and the paper mate made its first leak free ball point pen. The Chevrolet Corvette was the first car with an all-fiberglass body and the first plastic coke bottle was made.

  • New toys were being introduced like matchbox cars, Hula Hoops then Barbie took over in 1959. The cars were invented to keep the little brothers out of big sisters hair. The hula hoop were for playtime for kids of all ages and barbie was for every one.

  • Teen dating had to be done in stages in order to have a lasting relationship. New couples often went on double dates in order to relax the atmoshere of tension and confusion. The most popular places to go was ice cream parlors, pizza parlors, drive-ins, bowling alleys, coffee houses, record shops and watching movies.
Vera showing a leg and her wonderful stiff net bouffant petticoats. The pleated skirt was a hot fashion.
Vera showing a leg and her wonderful stiff net bouffant petticoats. The pleated skirt was a hot fashion.
The type of dress that teen girls wore back then. The layers of petticoats under the skirt and the tight low neck shirt.

external image 3078659661_1930e9fe87.jpg Two teens going out on a date at the ice cream parlor. This is an old couple so they don't need another couple to ease the tension.

The emergence of identity and loss of innocence in the teen life is very importent. The teens were used to being ignored and disregarded. There were no TV shows that were aimed at them and there were music on the radio that spoke to them. Then Rock ' Roll came out an it was talking about the teens. The teens could finally be heard as they had ther own fashion, music, and their own rules about dating. The adults didn't like it because they set rigid rules that sparked a rebellious spirit within the teen.
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