Expectations- The expectations of teen was different from what their parents were doing. Unlike their fathers who either had a job or was in the armed forces or mothers who were housewives and took care of the home, teens were expected to attend college and get a job or start a career.

Entertainment and Society- During the 1950’s teens got together and listened to a type of music called Rock ‘n’ Roll. Rock ‘n’ Roll was considered inapproite or called the “ Devil’s Music”. Adults thought that the idol of Rock ‘n’ Roll which was Elvis was not a good figure for teens to follow after. They thought that that type of music would provoke their children to violence and acting out. Teens still listened to it anyway. There were dances where Rock ‘n’ Roll music was played for teens to listen too, although many's parents didn't approve.

Fashion- A new trend that came out during the 1950's was poodle skirts. They were made of felt and had a poodle made out of rhinestones or some other materials. The skirt usually came down to their ankles and flared out. It came in junior sizes only was very expansive at the time.

Leisure- During the 1950's many new attractions and activities opened up which took away from the teens boredom. Newspapers started printing cartoon comics in the daily papers. Disneyland opened in California shortly after. Many new movies such as Singing In the Rain and The Quite Man. Marylin Monroe became a public figure and was on the first Issue of Playboy.

Teens liked to be rebellious and push their limits. They wanted to see how far they were able to go. They liked to use foul language, get " PInned", listen to music and adore the newest teen idol. These are just a few trends, the guys liked leather jackets and the girls liked long flowing skirts. They weren't allowed to date unless it would soon lead to marriage but they disobeyed and did it anyway. They felt like by starting their own trends they could stand out from other generations and make a statement.
This image shows teen dancing and listening to much music. Places like this were the only time teens were really allowed to express themselves without being condemned for it.


This image is of Elvis, the King of Rock 'n' Roll in concert. Most parents didn't want their children listening to this music because the believed Elvis wasn't a good role model for their children.

Teens lost their innocence and identify because of society. Society has its own image of what they wanted this generation of teenagers to look, act and be like. Banning them from music and other activities was punishing them for being who they really were and expressing themselves. Not being allowed to do some of the things they wanted to do just because society didn't see it ideal was not fair. Teenagers wanted to find a way to stand out from the crowd and be their own generation, not merged into an old age. It was very hard for them to try to breakout into their own generation separate from the Baby Boomers or the Post WWII generation. Not being able to express themselves was making it almost impossible to do so.

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