And the winners are... (drumroll)

Debate 1: EPA......................Negative
Debate 2: Space Exploration...Affirmative
Debate 3: Social Security........Negative
Debate 4: Immigration.............Negative
Debate 5: Foriegn Aid.............Negative
Debate 6: Public Education.....Affirmative

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who participated. You all worked hard and did a great job!

Announcement: English Final Exam

Your final exam consists of the post-assessment benchmark. It will follow the same format as your pre-assessment and mid-term benchmark, including two reading passages with multiple choice responses and 2 open-ended questions about the readings.

The writing portion of the final exam will be as follows: You will receive the first essay you wrote about your summer reading assignment. You will identify at least five writing weaknesses in the essay and revise those weaknesses by using what you have learned during the semester. THe best way to prepare for this section is to review the deedback on your old essays and outlines, as well as reviewing the rubrics attached to those essays. Figure out what your common mistakes and weaknesses are, and be prepared to fix them.

You may bring a copy of the book or any notes that you have on your summer reading book (either yours or from an on-line source) to help you to add evidence to your first draft of your summer erading essay.

English Debate Packets:

Your completed debate packet with the rationale is due when you come in for your English final. You should write your rationale about the debate that was assigned to you in class. The rationale should include the following:
  • A description of which team won the debate
  • At least 3 clear reasons why you think that team won the debate
  • Supporting evidence from your notes to prove your reasons
  • Identify 1 or 2 weaknesses from the other team's argument or use of evidence
*The rationales may be typed or written on the back of the packet.

Use the debate navigation button for all debate handouts.

Unit II Presentations KLED

Welcome to Humanities II for the Fall 2011 Semester!

English Teachers: Mrs. Peel and Mr. Casal

History Teacher: Mrs. Lamanteer

Directions for navigating the Wiki:

  • Use the side navigation bar (to the right of this area) to find the class calendar, History and English resource pages, and much more.

  • The discussion tab can be used to leave comments, ask questions, or respond to posted questions.

  • Students are not to edit any of the class pages only the pages designed by the student or student groups.

  • Messages can be sent by hitting the little letter (envelope) icon at the top right of this screen.

  • Please be sure to regularly save all work while working on the Wiki.

  • Students can not edit the same pages of the Wiki at the same time. Please make sure your group members are working on different pages at different times.

  • Refer to the Wiki and Online Project Acceptable Use Form for all Wiki rules. Any student that violates the Acceptable Use of the Wiki will lose privileges to the Wiki and will be at risk of failing the assignment(s).

  • Make sure if you want a question answered by Ms. Lamanteer or Mrs. Peel that you send a message through the Wiki Mail system.