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History Research Guidelines

History Rubric for Debate

Humanities II Debates: Fall 2011

Government Intervention in the US Economy, 1970-2000

Unit V Essential Question: What does it mean to be a powerful nation? How does a society become empowered?

Pre-research Assignment: Developing a Resolution

Please use the discussion tab above to post three possible debate resolutions.
  • Make sure to write a one-word description of the category your resolution falls under--you can borrow from the terms I put on the handout.
  • Each of your three resolutions must be from a different category.
  • Each resolution should be a new post.

Mrs. Lamanteer and Mrs. Peel will choose the best 15 resolutions and students will vote on Friday, December 23 to choose the final 6 from among those 15.

All resolutions must be posted by the end of the period on Thursday when the page will be locked.

Resolutions and annotated research will count as quiz grade. Please hand in a typed copy of your resolutions with your annotated research to Mrs. Peel on Friday, December 23.