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Final Exam Review

Monday, September 12, 2011

BTHS Media Center Link

BTHS Databases
Above is a external link to the HS databases. These are credible sources to use when researching.
The next three documents will assist you in citing and creating a Work Cited Page.

This document is a sample of a first page format for essay writing.

Read the attached reading on World War II.
Be prepared for a possible quiz based on the reading Tuesday in class. (9-13-11)

World War II Wiki Assignment
We will be going over this assignment in class on Monday, September 12th.
This assignment is due Friday, September 16th at 8pm.

World War II Study Guide

Postwar America Unit (Unit II)

Chapter 26 Section 1 and 2 Review points quiz

Research Assignment for Ch 27 Postwar America

Unit II Project Handouts

Civil Rights Unit: Unit III